How to create a YouTube Channel and make money in 2023

How to create a YouTube Channel and make money in 2023

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Today I will tell you "How to create a YouTube channel in 2023" Not only the creation of a channel but I will also share my personal tips and tricks to get more views on your channel. And I will also share proof of my own channel and how it gets 200k views very fast. In everything, I will show my own proof to you all. So let's get started.

My Channel Proof

Below 2 videos below videos are my channel videos. There are many videos on my channel but I will share a Case study of these two videos only.

My highest-viewed video on my channel is 249k views and the Second Highest Viewed Video gets 58k views.

And if you watch these videos you will 100% find that these videos quality is not too high but still get views because my videos are unique. in this topic, there is approximately 20 to 30 videos in whole YouTube.

People make very high-quality videos but they can't get more views. because its topic is not unique.

Video No 1:

This video gets 249k Views. 

Video No 2:

This video gets 58k Views.

If you think about how these videos get too many views which tips and tricks do I use for it. So don't worry I will share these tips and tricks with you all for free. first, if any person knows it they will never share it with you but I will share it with you all so follow the below methods.

How to create a YouTube Channel

If you want to know what "Tips and Tricks" I use for my Channel to get more views on my videos. So first create the YouTube channel in a good way then your channel will grow. so the first step is to create a YouTube channel.

I started a Free Course on YouTube its name is "Basic to Advanced YouTube Course" In this course, I start from basic and slowly go to advanced if you don't know anything about YouTube no problem. Only Give me 15 to 20 minutes of your Life. I will make you an expert on it. and then enjoy

But if you watch these videos completely and follow every step of the video then I give you a 100% guarantee that your channel will grow very very fast.

Youtube Course Video No 1

Youtube Course Video No 2

Hopefully, You will watch these videos and will follow every step that I tell you in these videos. This is not a complete course for the complete course you must come to my channel Link Here and subscribe to our channel and new videos are coming on it.

Make sure your channel is unique from other channels then you get 100% success.

And now if you have any problem. please contact me here I will be happy to reply to you. and if you create your channel please send me its Link I want to check it and if there is any mistake or problem with it I will tell you in detail and help you in every way. Thanks, Goodbye

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